The Achievement Pickup in Itterate 6.2

These are curious floating squares that can be obtained throughout the game.


They are rotating black squares and are usually located in the obscure corners of a level. There are two of them located in each level within a scenario and they unlock a bulk of the achievements for the game. They can be collected by simply touching them. They are not lost if the player dies.

Locations Edit

  • Level 0.3: It is right behind the first block you have to jump over.
  • Level 0.5: Jump all the way to the left right at the start of the level. You will die but don't worry, you will have gotten the pickup.
  • Level 1.8: First make your way down to the bottom part of this level with John. The pickup is in the top right corner of this area. You can jump onto the platform below it and then jump up to grab it with John.
  • Level 1.9: After you make it up the two elevator blocks, you can see it on the right wall. You can get to it just with John but it's easier to have Thomas and Chris up there to help you.
  • Level 2.4: After jumping on the first switch, you will reach an area with 4 blocks. Quickly make your way to the left side, where the pickup is waiting for you. Again, you'll die but it doesn't matter.
  • Level 2.9: You will get to an elevator block with spikes on the bottom. Ride it all the way to the top, where there are spikes on the ceiling. The pickup is there, so you can jump and you will get it.
  • (Working on the next pickups)