Thomas Was Alone consists of a few AI rectangle characters, and the pixel cloud and the AI creators of the real world.

The Architects Edit

The Architects are the original seven AIs who worked together to journey through the system, and forged a strong friendship with each other. They didn't truly become the Architects until they uncovered the creation matrix and became the Architects of the world, augmenting the world to suit the other AIs.

Second Generation AIs Edit

The other AIs, from the change brought by the Architects to the world, journeyed through the world in hope of being able to escape from the system and travel into the worlds beyond.

Earlier AIs Edit

The earlier AIs, which are prototypes, appear in the Benjamin's Flight DLC.

Background AIs Edit

These AIs are only quoted in the beginning of some scenarios or mentioned in the narratives. They never appear in-game.

The Pixel CloudEdit

full article: Pixel Cloud The main enemy of the game, it removes the AIs by capturing them and sending them into confined section of the virtual world. After being engulfed, the AIs no longer have a chance to escape the realm.

The AI CreatorsEdit

See Scenarios Only appearing as the people who quoted almost all of the quotes before the scenarios, their quotes reflect their discovery and observation of the growth of the AIs. They realize the AIs development of awareness.


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