Not to be confused with the Portal meme that is referenced.

Portals are an essential part of the game, allowing for the player to advance to each next level once all characters are lined up in their respective portals. 


Each portal varies in size, depending on which character should use it. For example, Claire cannot use Sarah's portal because it is far too small. In turn, Chris could not use Claire's portal because it is far too big. Thomas and James' portal are exactly the same size, but James' is flipped, like him.

John's portal is similar to Laura's portal, except that John's portal is standing straight up, like him, and Laura's is laying down, like her. Chris' portal is a small square, while Claire's portal is a much bigger square.

Sarah's portal is the smallest out of the original seven. Paul's portal is as tall as Chris', but is longer. Each of Team Jump's portals are the smallest and are squares. Grey's portal, Jo's portal and Sam's portal is the same size as John's, Thomas's and Chris', respectively. It is interesting to point out that team jump are the only ones that can actually use various portals, as they share it with each other. Therefore, in some levels, a member of the team can occupy two portals at the same time, showing that teleportation happens when all the portals are fulfilled, and not when all AIs are in one.


Each portal will only accept one character and it brings them on to their next level. Many of them tend to be "up and to the right."

Special PortalsEdit

Some portals move across the screen and a character must be in a certain spot to enter them. Some portals are stacked and require one or more characters to be on top of another and some require using multiple skills to reach a certain portal.


Portals appear in every level of the game. The first time the player encounters a portal, it is the only thing of interest in the level. In some levels, the portal is located right over a connection to the "Fountain of Knowledge," which is the Internet.