Sam with Jo in 8.4

Sam is the second generation of Chris who appears along with the other grey AI.


Sam is the same height and width of Chris, but instead of being orange like his first generation version, he is a very light grey color, almost white, contrasting to Jo's dark grey shade. He gains a colored bottom left corner when he touches a buffing blocks of corresponding colors.



Sam and Jo buffered with Laura's ability

Sam possesses all the abilities of Chris, in that, he has a very low jump when compared to the other AI's. He, along with other grey AI's, is able to use buffing blocks to gain the abilities to float on Toxic Water like Claire, fall upwards like James, act as a trampoline like Laura, double jump like Sarah or return to his normal grey color.


Sam is a cautious square that multiple times attempts to stop Jo.


  • Sam and Jo are a couple.
  • Sam is one of the only second generation AI's to escape in the course of the game, the other being his partner, Jo.